Below are a few media opportunities
and personal projects that keep
Howard and Mira busy. 


land preservation and conservation

Mira and Howard were interviewed by the Natural Land Institute for their conservation efforts in Northern Illinois at their own home and with comrades in the community.

Check out the many ways in which Howard and Mira limit their ecological footprint!


Speaking with Health care workers

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - Berkeley Center for Social Medicine Colloquia Series: Howard Waitzkin speaks to community members, students, faculty, the California Nurses Association, and National Nurses United.


Horizontal stateline autonomous
Region Organizing

Howard and Mira have been central to building a solidarity economy and autonomous mutual aid community in Northern Illinois.

Horizontal is a midwest grassroots movement seeking to develop affordable housing, land conservation and agricultural projects, as well as organizing community defense and emergency support.


The health crisis is complex for vets and gi’s

The Hosts of DV Radio, a Veteran’s Health Podcast,
interviewed Howard about his experience working with vets and the health care system as a whole.

Previous publications

The following includes a list of Howard’s recent publications produced by a variety of publishing houses, centered on the health care providers’ relationship to capital and the health care industry.